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The moon was rising over Bridlington and you had blood all over your hands



Cry for Judas - The Mountain Goats

Some things you do just to see how bad they’ll make you feel





Facebook is putting drag queens in danger by forcing them to use their real names

Facebook should read up on its queer history: You never want to mess with drag queens.
Claiming the use of legal names will “keep our community safe,” Facebook has begun shutting down the profiles of individuals who do not to use their “real” or legal names when creating and logging into their accounts. The new requirement is drawing the ire of many in the LGBT community who argue it is a policing tactic that could be harmful to both artistic and queer communities. 
How you can join the fight against Facebook

I like how this is focused on Drag Queens instead of trans women, women who are leaving abusive relationships, closeted non-het/non-cis people, you know people who legit might die cause of bullshit like this.

and like i’ve run into this thing where drag queens use their drag persona’s facebook to be violent, virulent racists and transmisogynists. they will say and post the worst things and than you don’t know who they are, only their drag persona. 




My entire check this month is gonna be gone in like two days. Like, I’m not even gonna have money for food this month. Fuck me

For everyone who wants to help trans women of color. For everyone who wants to protect black trans women.

sufferingsappho (a black trans girl) is in great need and is asking for donations to her paypal. If you can spare any cash, go to her page and hit the donate button. If not, please reblog this post.


this is what 18 credit hours looks like